About us

XAD is a British company for Mission Critical Applications. We build customised hardware and develop software to implement Audio, Video and Large Scale Data Storage Networks on Fixed, Portable and Mobile platforms and transmission technologies.

Since its formation in 2005, XAD has designed and developed a portfolio of cutting edge products to meet challenging needs of our clients. These products are operational in various countries around the world affirming XAD expertise and long term relationship.

XAD traces its origins in the famous Centre for Communications Research, University of Bristol. XAD consists of a very experienced team of engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. There are Audio, Video, Data and RF (Radio Frequency) groups engaged in continuous Research and Development (R&D) to transform innovative ideas into working products.

XAD target market includes emergency services and security. XAD holds excellent track record of innovation with 15+ products under its umbrella. As original equipment manufacturer of hardware and software solutions, XAD has the ability to incorporate change in response to the rapidly changing business requirements of our clients.