Knowledge Base

XAD knowledge base is multidisciplinary and cover wide areas and systems.

Technology Areas:
Single and MultiCarrier Systems
Spread Spectrum techniques
Multipath fading compensation methods
Advanced channel coding techniques
Adaptive multirate modulation schemes
Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Architectures

Software Expertise:
C/C++/C#, Visual Basic.Net
Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server
PHP,, ASP, Java Script, XML, XSL

Hardware Expertise:
Real time algorithm development and assembly level implementation
DSP programming using Texas Instruments Processors
FPGA programming using VHDL
Microcontroller and firmware programming
Embedded systems
Custom PCB design

Systems Knowledge:
IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), 802.16 (WiMAX), HIPERLAN
Custom MODEM design

Application Areas:
Audio, Video and Data transmission systems
High data rate wireless access for fast moving terminals
Remote data acquisition and storage solutions
WiFi and WiMAX networking for wireless internet and local loop access