Research and Development

XAD undertakes Research and Development (R&D) cover electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. We collaborate with academics, researchers, industry experts and universities to try and find solutions to complex problems. A brief glimpse of XAD R&D portfolio is given in the following sections:

Cloud based Video Analytics Engine

CCTV cameras are a common sight of urban life now a days. Millions of hours of video footage is recorded in control rooms across towns and cities of the world. Once a crime is committed, the recorded footage becomes a valuable asset for authorities to search for culprits. Although present in recordings, it is a mammoth task for any control room staff to analyse the video in a limited time scale. XAD is engaged in developing a cloud based video analytic engine to process digital video streams using machine learning algorithms to reduce the search times and automate the process.

Satellite Communication On the Move

Today’s challenge is the availability of reliable transmission infrastructure to link distant system elements together. Coverage of public networks is limited to main cities, towns and major roads and their availability cannot be relied upon, especially in times of emergency. Public networks like GSM and TETRA do not offer data bandwidth of the speed needed for many applications. LTE 4G is growing but coverage is area limited. In urban areas WiFi and WiMax suffer from similar issues, unable to transmit more power and meet non-line of sight requirements. The only viable option is to use satellite communications as a reliable carrier.

XAD has won a smart award from Technology Strategy Board (TSB) UK to design and development of a mobile antenna system that will automatically connect to a VSAT satellite system to provide a two way voice, data, video or internet connection in locations and/or situations where there is no other viable form of communications. Two novel aspects of the proposed design are that the high bandwidth communications link will be maintained while the vehicle is moving and that the system is packaged in a low profile housing suitable for roof top mounting on most vehicles

Embedded Video

Processing video and generating intelligence at the source can reduce load on the processor further down the chain. XAD research effort is focused on developing a flexible embedded video encoders that can adapt to changing requirements at an incident scene and generate

Acquisition Platforms

Digitising analogue signals and process them on a signal processor is the very basis of every digital system. XAD has developed a portfolio of general purpose acquisition platforms to acquire and sample high bandwidth signals and make them available for soft processing over commonly available platforms.

XAD rapid prototyping capability allow real-time implementation of audio and video signals on multiple target platforms. The flexible design combines the processing power of FPGA, DSP and PC in a single platform for quick test and verification purposes.

Image Stabilisation and Object Tracking

When cameras are mounted on a moving vehicles, helicopters or ships, digital stabilisation does not offer enough dynamic range. XAD is involved in researching a motorized solution to combine mechanical and digital stabilisation process in a single unit. When an object comes in the field of view of a camera, it will be locked and tracked while keeping the camera mount stable.

Noise Reduction

Power of analogue signals when travel through wired or wireless medium attenuates with distance. The signal to noise ratio becomes a concerning factor after few hundred meters. Research is ongoing at XAD to develop algorithms for increasing signal to detect the deterministic noise and enhance the wanted signal power.