XAD XAudioNet is an IP based Audio Recording and Playback Solution. Incorporating geographically scattered audio sources, XAudioNet provides a mechanism for hundreds of audio channels to be captured, transmitted,recorded and analysed under a common platform.

XAudio RL400


XAudio RL400 is a remote location audio acquisition and recording server capable of processing 16 analogue audio channels.
Analogue audio is digitised, recorded and transmitted to the distant locations via secure IP links.
• Simultaneous dual audio recording on internal and removable HDD
• On demand and scheduled uploading of audio contents
• Dedicated serial port per channel
• Standalone primary recorder and part of a network

XAudio ML100


XAudio ML100 is a 16 channel audio receiving and recording server to acquire audio channels from Multi node Service Access Nodes (MSAN) or Multi-service access gateway (MSAG) and send them to a central location over the IP network.
• 16 embedded audio receivers with filters
• 12V DC and 220V AC power options
• Rack mountable for out door cabinet installation
• Based on scalable architecture to interconnect multiple units

XAudio MTRX256


XAudio MTRX256 is a rack mounted line switching matrix that allows selection of 16 out of 256 audio lines.
• Remotely controllable
• Standalone and integrated operation
• Cascading option to build 16/1024 audio channel matrix


XAudio PL100


XAudio PL100 is a 16 channel portable audio receiving and recording unit ideal for quick deployment at locations with limited power and network connectivity.
• Light weight and small size
• Touch screen control
• On board audio management and client software


XAudio Operator Client


XAudio Operator Client is a PC terminal that plays live and recorded audio streams accessible from XAudio HQ Storage or XAudio Remote Locations Servers.

XAudio HQ Storage


XAudioNet can be connected to analogue audio sources, VOIP servers and soft switches. XAudio HQ Storage consists of rack mounted highly available recording servers.
• No single point of failure
• Scalable and expandable architecture
• Remote locations auto synchronisation

XAudio Tablet Client


XAudio Tablet Client is a portable terminal to play live and recorded audio streams accessible from XAD Audio HQ storage or Remote Locations servers. XAudio Tablet Client provides same functionality as offered by XAudio Operator client.

XAD Audio Management Software (XAMS)
XAD Audio Management software (XAMS) is deployed on Remote Location Servers, HQ Storage Servers and Client machines. Key features of XAMS include:
• Central Control of countrywide Audio Acquisition, Recording and Playback
• Real time Collection of Scattered Audio Sources
• Instant Audio Retrieval and Analysis by Multiple Operators at Multiple Locations
• Central Control of Remote Audio Sources and Devices
• Secure Login with Individual Access Rights
• Easy Remote Location Site Creation
• Hierarchical User Management
• Work Flow Formation with Notes
• Audit Control with Search Traceability
• Reporting and Printing
• Automatic Information Update across the Network
• Time, Tag and Target based Audio Content Search
• Operator Comment Tagging and Retrieval
• Audio Export Option
• Automatic E-mail Alerts and Alarms
• DSP Filtering
• Synchronized Time Stamping
• Activity Logging and Secure Reporting
• Memory Management and Automatic Content Deletion