XDATANET is an advanced data processing solution to decode, store and analyse large data sets.

xdatanet_icon1_150x150Database Engine
The Oracle database engine solution is specifically designed to manage large volumes of data to enable efficient management and retrieval of records.




xdatanet_icon2_150x150Protocol Decoders
Protocol Decoder module is a plug-able solution capable of handling multiple data protocols. Protocol decoders condition the data and insert it in to the database for analysis.




xdatanet_icon3_150x150FTP Bridge
FTP Bridge is a multifaceted software that is used to transfer and manage data between two systems.
he FTP bridge has various features, which include:
• Renaming Files
• Compressing or Decompressing Files
• Ensuring Successful File Transfer
• Monitor Storage in use for Custom Defined Threshold
• Delete Older Files if storage is below threshold
• Transfer Files using Secure FTP mode
• Download files from Block Based OS’s
• Delete or Move Local and Remote Files after processing
• Condition the data down to a common protocol

Note: The software can be configured for an unlimited number of profiles, each profile is associated with one server or client and can operate in either download or upload mode.

xdatanet_icon4_150x150System Dashboard
System Dashboard (SD) software comprises of a GUI and data collection service. SD can be configured to gather performance and status data of all kinds of hardware that support SNMP and IPMI protocols. The SD GUI displays system health using a variety of charts, graphs and themes. SD is capable of being configured with the GSM alerts module and unlimited user profiles. Variant user profiles can be assigned customised monitoring profiles so users can be notified by email and SMS with reports relating to their monitoring profile. Reporting can be further configured in terms of time interval and categories. SD can also be used to remotely manage hardware, such as restarting or shutting down.

xdatanet_icon5_150x150GSM Alerting Tool
GSM Alerting Tool software sends customisable SMS alerts to users. Alerts can be configured via the GSM Alerting Tool’s own web interface or it can be used and configured via its HTTP API.




xdatanet_icon6_150x150Interactive Visual Analysis Tool
Interactive Visual Analysis Tool is a GUI based application rendering 2D visualisation of data by using various graph libraries. The rendered visualisation is completely interactive with features such as drag and drop, removing/adding nodes, right click menus, redrawing visualisation based on different algorithms to identify and recognise patterns, origins, quantity of information exchanged between two nodes and more.



xdatanet_icon7_150x150Long-term Tape Archiving
Long term Archiving solution is used to backup data on tape drives. It can be used with any system and type of data. This software has a user interface that can be used to schedule and retrieve data management on tape drives. It can also remotely manage tape libraries configuration.



xdatanet_icon8_150x150Mufti-format Multilingual Report Generator
This tool is used for the generation of reports in multiple languages and formats. The tool can be used via its HTTP API. Once provided with a specification XML and data, it can generate a report in any language, with customised titles, tables, watermarks, fonts and alignments in PDF, HTML or EXCEL formats.