XAD XVideoNet offers a range of digital video surveillance solutions for mission critical applications, building end to end IP networks between distant camera posts and control rooms. The solution allows high volumes of multilocation footage to be captured, transmitted, stored and analysed under a common platform.

XAD Audio Video Surveillance offers overt and covert surveillance on mobile, portable and fixed platforms. At the heart of solution are purpose built XAD RL300 series servers,XAD Video Surveillance hardware encoder board (XVS100) and custom written XAD Video Management Software (XVMS). Scattered in the field, number of RL300 servers provide primary and secondary recording location of analogue and digital audio video sources with internal and external hard drives. To cater for a wide range of operational requirements, it is possible to relay selected audio video streams to multiple locations and display screens and PTZ control the cameras from any location.

xvideo_icon2_150x150XAD AERIAL SURVEILLANCE (XUAV)
XAD Aerial Surveillance consists of a hexa-copter UAV with an HD resolution digital camera attached below. A video link transmits live video to the ground receiver which can be viewed directly by the operator and also fed to XAD RL300 series Video Recording Server or Mobile Camera Kit (MCAMK). Using XAD Video Management Software (XVMS), video streams can be stored, streamed and viewed at multiple  locations.


xvideo_icon3_150x150XAD MOBILE CAMERA KIT (MCAMK)
XAD Mobile Camera Kit offers a self contained, rapidly deployable, rugged, portable surveillance solution for setting up single or  multiple camera posts at an incident scene. Using touch screen PTZ control and built in digital telephony, MCAMK provides necessary functionality to handle an event at short notice. For locations without power source, MCAMK is supplied with XAD portable battery unit (XBAT) which can power a camera post up to 8 hours and also have an option to use folding solar panels for charging.

xvideo_icon4_150x150XAD GSM SURVEILLANCE (XGSM)
XAD GSM Surveillance is an all-in-one video transmission unit that aggregates multiple 3G channels and sends compressed video over the GSM network. Up to six 3G modems can be connected from multiple network operators to establish a reliable transmission channel for live video streaming. The receiving end could implement XAD RL300 series server or XAD Mobile Camera Kit (MCAMK) to display live video using XAD Video Management Software (XVMS).


XAD Balloon Surveillance is a helium filled tethered blimp deployed at altitude up to 500m to provide video surveillance coverage within a radius of 30km. The blimp can be loaded with long zoom EMCCD or thermal cameras. It can be anchored permanently on a building top or carried onsite by a specialist vehicle. The height can be controlled remotely by software.


XAD Copter Surveillance consists of a tethered copter flying at an altitude of 10-30m. It is designed to carry point to multipoint radio base station for connecting multiple camera posts deployed in the field. The copter can fly for many hours offering high  bandwidth IP wireless link between various elements during an incident.


XAD Satellite Surveillance offers video transmission back to the HQ using satcom on the move terminal.Installed on the vehicle roof, low profile phased array antenna unit tracks a satellite at Ku band and offers 10Mb/s downlink and 512kb/s uplink for video streaming and telephony.



xvideo_icon8_150x150XAD HQ VIDEO STORAGE (XVHQ)
XAD HQ Video storage consists of rack mounted RL300 series video servers. Each server can be configured according to the number of  analogue or digital video channels and time period of storage. The HQ storage has mechanism to sync and archive audio video footage after a mission. The system offers streaming of live and recorded contents to multiple locations on demand.


xvideo_icon9_150x150XAD VIDEO CONTROL ROOM (XVCR)
XAD Video control room offers multiple PC clients and LED screens to view live and recorded contents in multiple formats. Using XAD Video Management Software (XVMS), a system admin can assign viewing rights and system privileges to operators. It is possible to select video contents and play it on different screens according to an operational need.


xvideo_icon10_150x150XAD RELAY CLINT KIT (RCLK)
XAD Relay Client is a portable unit to view multiple video channels relayed from XAD video servers. It offers IP telephony facility, power and networking options for setting up a situation room at short notice.



xvideo_icon11_150x150XAD TABLET CLIENT (XTCK)
XAD Tablet client plays live video streams accessible from XAD video servers. Depending upon the bandwidth XAD Tablet client can play up to 4 videos at a time.